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We have Beginners classes through to advanced MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Circuit Training and Sparring sesisons. Membership at the club varies, and you can choose with sparring or without. All memberships will entitle you to as many classes as you like (excludes invite only, until invited) as well as unlimited access to the weights and cardio room, plus all other club facilities, including showers and kitchen. The classes include:

    Martial Arts

  • Kickboxing – Basics & Invite only
  • Muay Thai/Thai Boxing – Basics & Invite only
  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – Basics & Invite only
  • Sparring – optional
  • Fitness & Conditioning

  • Circuit
  • Boxing Fit
  • Basics & Invite only

    We hold Basics and Invite only sessions in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA. Invite only sessions are reserved for members who have been training for some time and have graded through our syllabus. These classes meet the needs of long term members, their continual development and allow the instructors to keep the intensity at a fast pace for their level of fitness and skills set. All other sessions are open to all members.


    Fight Team- the competition element of Momentum Technique focuses on professional coaching for members wanting to compete in MMA, Muay Thai and No Gi Grappling tournaments. In order to get to the standard needed to participate at competition level, you will need to participate in standard classes plus all the Sparring sessions offered with Sparring Memberships.

    Standard Classes on The Timetable are not designed for Sparring.
    Sparring is trained at specific sessions as identified on The Timetable

    For further details call the Club on 8410 5884.

    Personal Training

    Got a goal you want to reach? Book in with one of our awesome trainers for your personal training session and you will see the results! Our expert Personal Trainers will work with you, on your training and fitness goals and make the difference you’re looking for!
    At just $80/hour you can kick start your goal today.

    Female and Male trainers available.